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Precision Assembly Winder

Product description:

IMAGIN Precision Assembly Winder has adjustable electric gear ratio and can be used with most types of yarn. With our machine, yarn can be assembled in order and wound precisely. Winding speed can be up to 1600r/min. Production time can be reduced and efficiency will be improved. IMAGIN Precision Assembly Winder use double-motor to drive and winding angle is also adjustable.

Product details:

Precision Assembly winder uses global leading twisting technology, applying to twisting process of staple fiber yarn.

Main Features:

a. With precision winding, yarn is assembled in order
b. Compared with normal winder, productivity increases 30% and winding speed is up to 1600r/min
c. With double-motor single-control, winding angle can be adjusted and producing efficiency will increase.
d. Suitable and stable tension control, can guarantee zero split ends and patterning.
e. Electric gear can be adjusted, suitable for all kinds of yarn.
f. Alternative: Overhead travelling blower, Separator


Precision Assembly Winder


Process Parameter:

Machine Parameter (PW-3(2,4,6)):
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